InventoryVault Changelog


10 Jan 2019

Deployment of new InventoryVault Blockchain

Deployment of new InventoryVault Blockchain in Testnet

  • Creation of IFA Order API
  • Creation of IV courier API
  • Creation of consumer group API categories
  • Migration of IventoryClub account


General Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with mining stats not showing properly in the explorer
  • IFA time frame issue fixed

Version 2.20.0

08 Nov 2018
  • Upgrade IV services

Version 2.14.0

31 Oct 2018

Version 2..10.3

25 Oct 2018
  • SSO Integration

Version 1.2.7

31 Aug 2018
  • User registration API and GBP wallet encryption updates
  • Merchant can only submit proposal as per his level
  • Member can only purchase as many proposal as per his level
  • Dealing with an expired IFA scenario. If a product is purchased after the IFA is expired then Member_split will be 25% of profit. That value will be stored in orders array of IFA

Version 1.0.20

21 Aug 2018
  • General bug fixes relating to the dispatching of goods
  • Upgraded Winston library to version 3 from version 2
  • Logger improved

Version 1.0.6

17 Aug 2018
  • Resolved bugs to prevent Member and Merchant profiles from switching during early point allocation