Inventory Vault Explorer Changelog

Version 1.0.2

08 Nov 2018
  • IV Explorer-code not seen in smart contracts
  • Change favourite icon on explorer background
  • Blockchain – Miner Details view updated on homepage
  • Merchant daily/weekly/monthly key stats updated by ‘Type’ and by ‘Level’
  • IFA access details updated

Version 1.0.1

31 Oct 2018
  • Updates on how users email are being displayed
  • General bug fixes

Version 1.0.0

31 Oct 2018
  • Setup proposal traceability details
  • Setup IV Explorer traceability for Inventory Club user, profile and it’s accounts
  • Setup Merchant and Member proposal details
  • Setup Key stats
  • Setup transaction ID details
  • Setup transaction Item details
  • Setup Smart Contract details
  • Setup Smart Contract Key Stats
  • Update Merchant and Member IFA details
  • Update Merchant and Member traceability
  • Allow User to use VNTPay User ID and Password to log in to the Explorer
  • Setup login for User to have a minimum of 10 GBP (Configurable) to be able to view the explorer view
  • Ensure security of users password, private key and email address
  • Improve notifications for non-wallet transactions