InventoryClub  Changelog


10 Jan 2019
  • InventoryClub gets brands from the blockchain
  • Email and mobile sign-up verification
  • IPFS implementation


General bug fixes

  • Post-code issues fixed
  • Product colour code variation fixed
  • Email authentication during login issue fixed
  • Button and Cursor usability fixed
  • Product image not displaying properly fixed
  • Switch feature repaired
  • Proposal creation status fixed
  • User registration error fixed
  • Edit profile issue fixed
  • Leaderboard and dashboard fixes
  • Email ID registration improvements
  • Font improvements
  • Search bar error fixed
  • Improvement in how InventoryClub ‘Forgot Password’ page appears


08 Nov 2018
  • Leaderboard filtering added
  • New user interface for the signup page


31 Oct 2018
  • Changes in fees in the account
  • Leaderboard information now comes from Inventory Vault
  • Profile view has been improved
  • Proposal layout has been improved
  • Marketplace now shows the Value & Profit of each proposal
  • Inventory Vault access token added
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.8.7

25 Oct 2018 – Single Sign-on (SSO) Integration
  • Improved Layout features
  • Improved Marketplace and Catalog image sizes + Filter improvements
  • Added a new image slider for the Catalog and Marketplace + Asset colour variation
  • New feature to ‘Report a Bug’ has been incorporated
  • A quick link to navigate to the Commwea URL has been added
  • User Account branded in Header to easily identify each account
  • User switch account feature has been introduced – You can now switch between Member and Merchant without signing out
  • User interface improvements
  • Bugs fixed

Version 1.1.0

31 Aug 2018
  • Tutorials for new users added
  • Help Section has been improved
  • New Wallet System incorporated 
  • Gallery feature added
  • Profile Navigation added
  • Styling for description added

Version 1.0.0

17 Aug 2018
  • Threshold functionality added
  • Postal code validation Adjusted
  • Admin dashboard updated
  • Key statistics issues fixed
  • Profile page navigation fixed
  • Logo images updated