Member walk through

Register as a Member

Go to the InventoryClub website and click the tab marked “Become a Member

Enter your email address and press ‘Continue’

Enter your name, email address, company name, address and create a password. Confirm you are over the eligible age by clicking the check box and click “Sign Up

You will receive a notification message of your activation code which is sent to your email

You need to verify your email address, click “Activate InventoryClub Account” to confirm activation of your account

You will receive a confirmation message that your account email has been verified. Enter your email and click ‘Continue

Enter the password you created earlier and click ‘Login Now!

You will get a welcome message with a short tutorial, click on the arrows to see the whole guide. Read the information carefully and once completed click ‘Skip’ to close the tutorial.

Member Account Profile

Each time you sign in, you will be directed to your Dashboard. Your dashboard will display your weekly/monthly Profit, Total Profit, Total Investment, Active IFAS and IFA performance.

At the top of the screen you will find a menu bar with the following options: Dashboard, Marketplace, My IFAs, Leaderboard, Visit CommWea, Report a Bug and Help.

At the top right corner of your account are two circular icons. The left icon is your account notification which notifies you of all your accounts activities.

The right icon is your account profile, which allows you to edit your profile image, manage your funds, access account settings, switch your account and logout of your account.

Click on the profile icon and select ‘Profile’ to access your profile page

Click the ‘Edit profile’ button to edit your personal profile.

You can edit personal information such as Date of Birth, Gender, Mobile phone, and Address.

 You can also add a profile image which will appear on all your associated accounts. Once completed, click ‘Save Changes’.

Finance a Proposal

The first thing you will need to do is click the “Marketplace” icon in the top left-hand corner.

You will be navigated to a new page “Proposal Marketplace” which allows you to view proposals. To set a filter, choose the desired category, consumer group and timeframe from drop-down lists and click “Filter”.

Click “View Proposal” to get an overview of a proposal, product description, and financial details. Then Click “View Profile” to see how the merchant performs and all previously completed IFAs (Inventory Finance Agreements).

You will be navigated to a new page “Inventory Finance Agreement” which allows you to view the details of the agreement between you (the member) and the merchant.

Below are the scenarios that govern the pay-out terms of this Inventory Finance Agreement. Please read each one carefully as the pay-out terms cannot be altered once accepted.

Before you can finance a proposal, you will first need to get the VNTPay App on your personal mobile phone. VNTPay is a digital wallet created by InventoryClub to hold VNT and XLM.

VNTPay is easy, secure and convenient to use. As a Member or VNT token holder, you can store your VNT safely within the digital wallet. Sending or requesting funds from one VNTPay wallet to another is also effortless, with transactions being settled within seconds.

On your Google Play Store or App Store, download the VNTPay App and simply register with your email and mobile number, then enter your password. Once you have confirmed your registration, you can add funds to your VNTPay wallet.

On your Member account You will have two options of payment, VNT wallet or with Stellar Secret Key.

Once you have registered and added funds to your VNTPay wallet, you can finance a proposal using your VNTPay email and password.  Alternatively you can use your Stellar Secret Key to finance a proposal.

Once you are happy with the details you provided, click “Finance Proposal

You will see and “IFA Overview” of your financed proposal.

When you successfully financed a proposal, the products will be displayed on Commwea.

Click the  ‘Visit Commwea’ tab on the main menu bar, the Commwea URL will open in a new window on your default web browser. Here you will be able to see your product.

IFA Status

Hover over ‘MY IFAs’ from the menu bar, you will see the ‘IFA portfolio’ and ‘IFA Product Sales

As you have financed a proposal, the Stock Status and IFA Status will appear as “Pending“. Once the product is in Commwea the IFA status will change to “Active“, and stock status will change to “In Stock“. Both Member and Merchant will be able to see the status change.


Click the tab marked ‘Leaderboard‘ from the menu bar. The leaderbaord allows you to view top performing Members and Merchents.

You can filter your search by choosing either Member or Merchant, search a name or select a specific level. After you choose options from the drop-down lists, click ‘Filter’.

As a Member you have the option to become a Merchant should you wish to. You can do so by clicking on the ‘Switch’ icon from the top menu next to the search bar.