Commwea User Guide Testnet

Commwea User Guide Testnet

This is a guide on how to register and purchase products on Commwea Tesnet

Proceed to the Commwea URL (, where you will see the Home page.

You will first need to create a Commwea account.

From the menu bar, click on ‘Account’ and then click ‘Register’. Please note that you can not purchase any items on Commwea (Testnet) as a guest.

Enter your email address and password, then confirm your password. Click the check box to accept the terms and conditions and press ‘Continue’

You will receive an email notification message to say your account is created successfully. Check your email and verify your account with the ‘Click Here‘ link.

You will be navigated to the Profile Details page, where you can view your Blockchain ID and Account user ID.

Fill in your personal details, Name and Address, then click ‘Save‘.

Making a Purchase

From the menu bar click ‘Product Categories‘ and then choose which product category you wish you view.

Once you’ve selected a category, you will be directed to the Commwea Marketplace. Select a product you wish you purchase.

You can view the product description and view more images from the image bar.  You can select the quantity, colour and size of your selected product and click ‘Buy

Click on ‘Basket’ from the menu bar and see what’s in you cart.

When you are happy with your basket click on ‘Checkout’ or ‘Proceed to Checkout‘ if you are checking out from your Basket.

You will see the Secure Checkout page which shows you your billing options. Please ensure to check your Order Summary, you will see your Order Price, VAT and a Commwea 2.5% charge.

In Testnet you only need your Inventory Club email and the password is 123456. Once you have entered these credentials, you can ‘Submit your Order

You will receive a confirmation notice that your Order has been placed.

You will receive and email confirmation of your order, with a ‘Order No‘, i.e. #229.

Thank you for using Commwea (Testnet). We are continually working to prove our service and give you the best online shopping experience possible.

Please send us your feedback which will help us to improve our services to you and all of our Commwea customers, thank you.