How to use the core features of the VNTPay App

How to use the core features of the VNTPay App:


Step 1. Once the app has registered your request to ‘Sign in’ you will be navigated to your dashboard (My Wallet).




Your dashboard will display an option for you to view either VNT or XLM tokens and also display the number of tokens you have ‘received’ (Individually) and the date of the transaction.


Step 1.1. At the bottom of your dashboard you will find 5 options (Including My Wallet):

Step 1.11. Send- Once you select the send option at the bottom of the dashboard you will be switched to another page where you have the option to either send VNT or XLM.

Once the desired currency is selected users will have to input the following information to complete the action:

 From – Who the payment is from

To – who the payment is going to

Password – your password to complete a transaction.


Step 2. Request- In your dashboard select the request function at the bottom of the screen. You will be navigated to a new page which allows for you to request both VNT and XLM from another person. This can be done either face to face or email.



  • Face to face- This requires two users to be in the same place. Using the QR code which is featured on the same page, ask user 2 to access the camera which is available in the ‘Send’ feature. User 2 can then take a picture of user 1’s QR code and they will be connected and able to make payments between each other.


  • Email- Simply fill in the payment details provided i.e. who to, who from, and password. Once all the required fields are filled, press the option ‘request funds’.


Step 3. Transaction- at the bottom of your dashboard you will find the ‘Transaction’ tab. Select the tab and you will navigate to another page where you will find the option to select VNT or XLM.



This page specifically will list all your transactions so far since the app was downloaded. There are four main headings in the transactions section which breaks down the history of your transactions into:

All- list of all history

In- Money that has come in

Out- Money that has gone out

Regular- these are the most regular transaction

All transaction dates are highlighted along with the amount of each transaction.


 Step 4. Select the ‘Accounts’ option at the bottom of your dashboard.

  • To edit any details, select the pencil icon in the top right corner. This allows you to make changes to your profile picture, name, email, mobile, address and link account.
  • To select a new profile pic, click on the change photo setting in the account sections and it allows for a user to update their photo.
  • In order to link an existing Stellar account, select ‘Link account’. Here you will be allowed to input a private key and password and then prompted to select the option ‘I understand and continue’. Once this function is complete your account will be linked to the app.